Vivo API Developers' Centre

The Vivo API is a free to use webservice that allows you to access information stored within the Vivo system. By using the API, you can incorporate Vivo data and functionality in your own widgets, interfaces or applications. We are fully committed to developing our API and the associated documentation and will be continually adding new methods and data sets. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact our development team on

Standard & Enterprise APIs

We have two versions of the API and it is important that you understand the different types and which one is more suited to you.

Standard API

This API does not require any API key and is available for everyone to use. The methods exposed in this version of the API act from the perspective of the person logging in to the website using their normal login credentials. For example retrieving their account summary and recent transactions, etc.

Enterprise API

This API is more aimed at organisations that already have software running in a school or a college. The methods exposed are almost the same as the Standard API, but users are referenced by UPNs and foreign_ids as exported by management information systems. To use the Enterprise API you need an account with us and then will need to be given permission by each organisation you require access to. Please contact us for more information.